2019 Annual Report


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Research Summary Full Scientific Report
Chairman's Report Adobe Acrobat file links
Rice Breeding Program Full Report Link
Genetics for Rice Improvement Full Report Link
Rice Variety Trials Full Report Link
Treatment of Rice Seeds for Early Growth Full Report Link
Improving Fertilizer Guidelines Full Report Link
Weed Management in Rice Full Report Text
Weedy Red Rice Control Full Report Text
Evaluating the Potential for Aerial Imagery to Detect Weedy Rice Full Report Text
Emerging Weed Issues in Rice Full Report Text
Rice Disease Research and Management Full Report Text
Protection of Rice from Invertebrate Pests Full Report Link
Environmental Fate of Rice Pesticides Full Report Text
Arsenic Speciation in Rice and the Environment Full Report Text
Identifying Opportunities for Water Use Efficiency Full Report Text
Insect Monitoring and Early Detection System for Rice Storage Full Report Link
Novel Nano-materials and Performance Industrial Products Full Report Link
Potential New Uses for Rice Straw and Hulls Full Report Text
Feasibility Assessment for Use of Rice Straw Ash in Concrete Full Report Text