Mosquitoes and West Nile Virus: Important Facts and
Guidelines for Growers

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Based on concern over the effective control of mosquitoes from rice fields, the California Rice Commission has developed this educational pamphlet for our growers.

Ways to Minimize Production of Mosquitoes in Fields

The most important thing that growers can do to minimize the spread of West Nile Virus in rice-producing areas is to consider using certain management practices that are known to limit mosquito production. These common practices are as follows:

  • Minimize occurrences of seepage and terminal drain water
  • Promptly drain peripheral borrow pits
  • Minimize vegetation on the outer-most portions of field levees and checks, specifically where they interface with standing water
  • Control algae and weeds as effectively as possible

Coordination with Mosquito Abatement Districts

There are certain agronomic activities required for rice production that would be useful for abatement district personnel to know to better prioritize their efforts. One example is the application of certain chemicals (such as Warrior) that may impact mosquito fish populations. If your abatement district were made aware of the tuning of such applications, they might delay the introduction of fish until after a chemical application. This could possibly help them to implement their programs more efficiently.

As a tool for growers, we are providing a list of vector district contacts for each county that contains rice. Please note the bulleted list of agronomic activities that may impact your abatement district's treatments of your fields. We invite you to post this list in your office or shop for easy reference and contact your vector district frequently.

County Mosquito Control Districts in Rice-Growing Regions
Primary Contact List
County District District Manager Phone Number
Butte James A. Camy (530) 533-6038
Butte (Durham only) Aaron Amator (530) 345-2875
Colusa David B. Whitesell (530) 458-4966
Fresno Becky Cline (559) 659-2437
Glenn Jack Cavier (530) 934-4025
Merced Allan D. Inman (209) 722-1527
Placer Charlie Dill (916) 435-2140
Sacramento David Brown (916) 685-1022
San Joaquin John R. Stroh (209) 982-4675
Stanislaus Claude L. Watson (209) 522-4098
Sutter Ronald L. McBride (530) 674-5456
Tehama D. Andrew Cox (530) 527-1676
Yolo David Brown (916) 685-1022
Yuba Ronald L. McBride (530) 674-5456
Guidance: To assist in the success of mosquito abatement programs, growers might consider notifying their mosquito control district representative one week ahead of any of the following actions:
  • Initial flood-up for growing season
  • Chemical applications (especially Warrior)
  • Any draw-down of water levels, except drainage for harvest operations
  • Any drainage of fields to other fallow fields
  • Initiation of post-harvest flooding for straw management or habitat objectives

701 University Avenue, Suite 205
Sacramento, California 95825
916 / 929-2264 Fax 916 / 929-2553


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