Issue #40, Winter 2020   <pdf>
   Stale Seedbed
   Weedy Rice update

Issue #39, Fall 2019   <pdf>
   Five Year Referendum
   50th Anniversary Message from CDFA
   RRB Highlights
   Ian Grettenberger

Issue #38, Spring 2018   <pdf>
   Assessment Rate Change
   New Releases Performance
   ROXY Rice Status
   UCCE Presidential Chair

Issue #37, Winter 2018   <pdf>
   Assessment Rate Followup
   Replacement of Larry Godfrey
   2018 Budget

Issue #36, Fall 2017   <pdf>
   Weedy Rice Update
   New Assessment Rate
   Drone Work
   ROXY Rice
   Jason Bowen, Chairman

Issue #35, Fall 2016   <pdf>
   Weedy Rice (a.k.a. red rice)
   Whitney Brim-DeForest

Issue #34, Spring 2016 <pdf>
   Rice Weed Chart (Link for just the chart)
   Testing Herbicide Resistant Weeds
   UC Rice On-Line
   Winged Primrose Willow

Issue #33, Fall 2015 <pdf>
   Continuation Ballot
   Assessment Rate
   Colombia Funds
   UCCE Matching Funds
   Yuba/Sutter rice Advisor

Issue #32, Fall 2014 <pdf>
   Five Year Referendum
   Rice Specialist Position
   New Chairman
   Research Projects Review
   Assessment Rate
   Budget Review
   Chris Greer Moving On

Issue #31, Summer 2014 <pdf>
   Raising Rice with Limited Water
   Medicine Delivery

Issue #30, Fall 2013   <pdf>
   Rice Specialist

Issue #29, Winter 2012   <pdf>
   Rice Specialist
   Rice Greenhouse Gas Contribution

Issue #28, Summer 2012   <pdf >
   Phosphorus Management with decision chart
   RES - 100 years

Issue #27, Fall 2011   <pdf 10.3MB>
   New Chairman
   Assessment Rate
   RES Field Day
   New Weed Discovery
   Optimum Harvest
   Cattle Feed Focus
   2011-12 Budget

Issue #26, Fall 2010   <pdf 7.9MB>
   Research Update
   Assessment Rate Increased
   2010-2011 Budget

Issue #25, Spring 2010   <pdf 2.0MB>
   Unique Little Projects
   New Novel Projects
   2009-2010 Budget

Issue #24, Summer 2009   <pdf 1.47MB>
   Happenings at RES
   Cold Tolerance
   Got Watergrass?
   Rice Straw Removal Costs

Issue #23, Fall 2008   <pdf 0.6MB>
   2008 Livestock Straw Outlook
   New Chairman
   PLA Plastic
   2008-09 Budget

Issue #22, Spring 2008   <pdf 1.17MB>
   System Project Expands
   Red Rice
   Board Funds

Issue #21, Spring 2007   <pdf 1.36MB>
   New Rice Breeder at RES
   Research for 2007

Issue #20, Winter 2007   <pdf 2.43MB>
   Project Highlights
   Red Rice
   Plot Harvester
   False Smut
   Winter Meetings

Issue #19, Fall 2006   <pdf 1.65MB>
   Assessment Rate Increased
   New Chairman
   Rice Hay

Issue #18, Summer 2006  ,pdf 1.3MB>
   New Plot Harvester Arrives
   Weather Access
   RRB Member Election

Issue #17, Spring 2006  <pdf 2.7MB>
   Projects for 2006
   Website Changes
   Deficit Spending
   Passing on the Family Farm
   Chemical Costs

Issue #16, Summer 2005  <pdf 0.98MB>
   Assessment rate
   New Members
   RRB Program Renewed
   2005-06 Budget
   Junda Jiang, Rice Breeder

Issue #15, Winter 2005  <pdf 0.59MB>
   Granite, Will You Use It or Lose It
   Other Interesting Projects

Issue #14, Fall 2004  <pdf 0.88MB>
   Assessment Rate Unchanged
   Board Election
   Rice Systems Research
   Mission of the RRB

Issue #13, Spring 2004  <pdf 0.85MB>
   What has your Five Cents Brought You?
   Post Exparte'
   Weed Resistance Chart Update

Issue #12, Fall 2003
   RRB - RES, What's the Difference
   New RRB Chairman
   Jack Williams Retires

Issue #11, Spring 2003
   Projects 2003
   Bakanae Treatments and control chart
   RRB Budget

Issue #10, Fall 2002
   New Abilities for the Industry
   Project Summary
   Assessment Rate
   New RES Breeder

Issue #9, Winter 2002
    Bakanae Overview
    Bakanae Research for 2002
    Research Updates

Issue #8, Summer 2001
    Weather Forecasts Close at Hand
    Rice Quality
    Blast Report

Issue #7, Winter 2001
    Harvester race?
    Leaf Color Chart
    Propanil Progress
    New RWW Trap

Issue #6, Spring 2000
    Propanil/bensulfuron combinations
    Variety development timeline

Issue #5, Fall 1999
    Propanil Tests

Issue #4, Spring 1999
    Greenhouse progress report
    New Breeder at RES
    Weed Resistance Charts

Issue #3, Summer 1998
    Herbicide Fund expenses
    Four new varieties released