Straw Management

Special Documents:
Feeding Rice Straw to Cattle

Sacramento Valley Fall Burn Report-01
Rice Straw Burning Program-00
Rice Straw Burning Program-99
Rice Straw Burning Program-98
Rice Straw Burning Program-97
Rice Straw Burning Program-96
Agricultural Burn Program-95
Agricultural Burn Program-94
Agricultural Burn Program-93
Agricultural Burning Program-92
Agricultural Burning Program-91
Disease Control-91
Rice Straw Particulate Matter-91
Agricultural Burning Program-90
Rice Straw Particulate Matter-90
Agricultural Burning Program-89
Agricultural Burning Program-88
Microbial Degradation of Rice Pesticides-01
Impact of Straw Incorporation on Yield Potential-01
Reassessing Soil Nitrogen Availability-00
Protection of Rice from Invertebrate Pests-00
Reassessing Soil Nitrogen Availability-99
Cause and Control of Rice Diseases-99
Rice Breeding Program-98
Variety Trials-98
Cause and Control of Rice Diseases-98
Reassessing Soil Nitrogen Availability-98
Rice Breeding Program-97
Variety Trials-97
Reassessing Soil N Availiability-97
Variety Trials-96
Rice Diseases-96
Rice Breeding Program-95
Variety Trials-95
Rice Diseases-95
Rice Diseases-94
Insects in Flooded Rice Fields-94
Straw Incorporation & Winter Cover Cropping-94
Cause and Control of Rice Diseases-93
Methods of Straw Incorporation-93
Straw Incorporation/Green Manuring-92
Methods of Straw Incorporation-92
Straw Incorporation-91
Cover Crop Interaction with Rice Straw-90
Rice Disease Control-89
Rice Disease Control-88
Other Uses (Feed, Fuel, Construction Products)---
Rice Straw Maceration for Feedlot Cattle-01
Rice Straw Utilization by Cattle-00
Rice Straw Utilization by Cattle-99
Rice Residue for Use as Cattle Feed-98
Enzymatic Treatment of Rice Straw-95
Characterization of Rice Straw-94
Characterization of Rice Straw-93

Date last updated: 08/23/2006